Tired of seeing tired walls every single day? Getting your walls repaired or refinished can transform the look of a room—and your mood whilst you’re in it.

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About us
Flawless Drywall is an umbrella name that a select group of drywall contractors working in and around Phoenix chose to affiliate themselves with. It guarantees quality.

All our specialists have perfected their craft over the decades they’ve spent decades repairing and remodeling homes and businesses in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix. One of our experts may bring along a protégé whom they’re mentoring, but we don’t send out junior technicians alone; because we don’t want to provide you simply with a good quality service, but a perfect one.

Despite the quality of our work, we won’t charge you an extortionate fee. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when we give you a quote—and, unlike with some contractors, the invoice we’ll send you when we’ve finished will be identical.

Note that while drywall repairs are a project you can attempt yourself with materials you can buy from one of the Home Depots off Loop 101, people who attempt them are seldom satisfied with the result; many of the jobs we’re called out to are the result of DIY efforts gone awry.

A quality finish will increase the value of your property; if you’re thinking of selling soon, getting your walls and ceilings touched-up is a no-brainer: you’re bank account will thank you shortly. Maybe you’ve just moved in to a new home, in a great school district, in Scottsdale—an awesome area—, a short commute from work; but something about the layout of the house isn’t quite right… Contact us, and we can discuss remodeling options to transform your home into your dream home.

Do you also complete work for businesses in Scottsdale?
Of course. The drywall is the same, the difference is that it’s not just you who’s seeing it. Potential customers will judge the quality of service they can expect to receive based on your appearance, your website’s appearance, and the appearance of your building. We can help with the latter.

Can you blend and match your finish with the existing texture of my wall?
Yes. Exactly. Whether the rest of the area has an ‘orange peel’ finish, is ‘skip trowel’, or ‘hospital grade’, we can match our work to your current finish; you wont be able to tell where our work ends and the original begins.

So you’re experts in walls. Can you repair my ceiling?
We can! Surly the only thing worse than being surrounded by damaged walls is having a cracked ceiling threatening to come crashing down on you any second. Well, maybe popcorn ceilings are worse, but we can deal with them too.
How about my flooring?!
Afraid not. We’re not general contractors, we specialize in drywall and finishing walls and ceilings. So while we won’t redo your plumbing or install a mosaic floor for you, you can be sure that the work you ask us to do will be done to an unrivaled standard.

If you’ve made it this far through this article, you must be pretty serious about getting some work done; so take the next step: give Scottsdale’s premier drywall contractors a call today. We look forward to hearing from you.





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