Nail pops are bumps and circular imperfections that may be present on your wall or ceiling (or in some cases the head of a nail will have literally popped partway out of your wall).

Such imperfections ruin the look of a wall and indicate that the drywall was not put up correctly in the first place: driving a nail through drywall is a good way to crack it. If nails are popping out of your ceiling or walls, you should consider that the drywall is broken and being held up by fewer and fewer nails. Simply repairing the area around a popped nail, however, is a relatively simple process.

If you chose us to repair your nail pops, you can be assured of a quick, clean, and inexpensive repair.

On why nails pop:

Nail pops occur, obviously, when sheets of drywall move independently of the nails that should be supporting them. There can be a number of reasons for this movement:

1. The drywall has become damp.

Worker-screws-plasterboard-panelsDrywall and plaster are absorbent materials. Upon absorbing water, they will expand. Note that only dealing with the cosmetic problem of nail pops will be costly in the medium term.

When construction materials are damp, they rot and the dampness spreads. The more prudent course of action is to find the cause of your water leak, fix it, check the extent of the water damage, and replace all affected materials.

2. If your house was only built recently (less than 18 months ago) it will still be ‘settling’; some movement is to be expected.

3. When the ground your house is built on moves, your house moves. Hopefully, the movement will never be acute enough to be noticed; however, if you have noticed a large shift (maybe by an unusually high prevalence of nail pops), you should consider contacting a structural engineer who can check your foundations.